An experiment in Niigata Cuisine

armonia gets its name from the Italian word for “harmony” and “blending.”
Food, People, Place, Objects, and Actions.
All of these elements blend together, harmonize, and give birth to something new.
To catalyze this chemical reaction, we are focusing on innovative cuisine.

Sincerely, devoutly.

We aim to entertain our customers with a motto of “always something new.”


Motoshige Shimbo
 After graduating from Niigata Cooking Technical School, Mr. Shimbo worked at various restaurants in the city and studied the basics of Italian cuisine.
 From 2009, he worked as head chef of a restaurant with strong local ties in Shonan in Kanagawa prefecture, and in 2011 he worked in collaboration with local farmers as head chef for a shop in Shonan-Chigasaki, which specialized in natural Italian cuisine and wine.
 After that, he traveled across Japan to see what people, food, and places he could encounter.
 During his travels, he came to the realization that his hometown of Niigata had great potential unknown to people outside the prefecture. He then moved to Niigata city with his family with the goal of unleashing that potential and sharing it with people all over the country.
 From 2017, in addition to working as the owner of Armonia, he has been active with various activities including lecturing, cooking on the Niigata restaurant bus, product development projects in collaboration with food product makers, and more.

armonia Policy

Fresh From the Farm
Fresh From the Farm

We want our customers to enjoy ingredients at the height of their flavor.
Seasonal ingredients are purchased directly from farmers right here in Niigata.

Homemade Pasta Prepared Daily
Homemade Pasta Prepared Daily

Pasta is made with 100% locally grown flour, “Yukichikara.”
No water is used, just eggs from free-range chicken farms.
Every morning, the chef of Armonia gets coated in flour as he makes just enough pasta for the day.

Artisan Spirit All Around
Artisan Spirit All Around

This building, built as a vacation cottage in the early 20th century, is a work of art created by master artisans of the time.
The frosted glass, earthen entrance, and furniture all herald back from historical times, and each has its own rich details.
Feel the heartbeat of this revived historic house.

Uniforms by UTOPIA Pellet wood stove by SAIKAI
Chopsticks by MARUNAO,Cutlery by SAKURAI Tables by Abe Butsudan (KOUGI),Seat cushions by Suzuki Syokudosya Bronze bathroom sinks by Akazawa Construction

Chopsticks by MARUNAO/Uniforms by UTOPIA/Cutlery by SAKURAI/Chopstick rests by Marumi Kawara/Pellet wood stove by SAIKAI/Tables by Abe Butsudan (KOUGI)/Seat cushions by Suzuki Syokudosya/Bronze bathroom sinks by Akazawa Construction