Shabu-shabu with Kubota sake
Dip thinly sliced fresh pork into a delicious hot simmering soup made with extravagant amounts of sake.
The delicious flavor of high-quality pork and sake blended together is simply indescribable.

7,700yen per person

6 dishes

  • Appetizer
  • Carpaccio of fresh local Niigata fish
  • Niigata brand pork
  • Vegetables
  • Risotto
  • Dessert

Niigata Japanese Beef Variety Plate
Murakami beef, the most well-known high-grade beef of Niigata and multiple time award winner.
Aganohime beef, from cows raised on the lees of Swan Lake Beer, the shining champion of a worldwide competition.
Kambara beef, from cows raised in the wide-open plains just next to Lake Hyoko, a famous spot for migrating swans.
Enjoy the rich taste of the Niigata’s top high-grade beef brands.

Niigata Japanese Beef Variety Plate
9,900yen per person

6 dishes

  • Appetizer
  • Carpaccio
  • 3 varieties of charcoal-grilled Niigata brand beef
  • Vegetables
  • Handmade pasta
  • Dessert

Drink Menu

draft beer 880yen

sparkling wine 1,100yen

white wine 880yen

red wine 880yen


Green Tea 550yen

Orange Juice 550yen

Ginger Ale 550yen

Coke 550yen

Mineral Water 550yen

Niigata SAKE Lovers Special
Special Lecture on Sake Pairing
Special Lecture on Sake Pairing

Special Lecture on Sake Pairing
With love for local sake―
Niigata Sake Lovers turns their love into action,
spreading the joy and fun of enjoying both sake as well as the rich culture surrounding sake.
6,600 yen per person

  • Kunshu sake (rich aroma and fruity flavor):YK35
  • Soushu sake (clear flavor and body):Kubota Senju
  • Junshu sake (fragrant and rich):Kiminoi Yamahai process /Kurahiden
  • Jukushu sake (aged and complex):Koshi No Homare /Morohaku
*Above set available only for customers ordering course menu

Niigata SAKE Lovers
Niigata SAKE Lovers Special
Special Lecture on Sake Pairing
Niigata SAKE Lovers representative Tomomi Duquette, also an experienced teacher on all things sake and a certified nutritionist, will give a special private lecture in English on the fascinating world of pairing Japanese sake with food.
Learn the distinguishing characteristics such as aroma and body that make Japanese sake special. Ms. Duquette will also share with you the secret rules for pairing food with each sake based on these characteristics. In this delicious and luxurious lecture, you will also enjoy trying the menus proposed by Ms. Duquette and prepared by Armonia’s chef. By experiencing and enjoying the rich culture of Japanese sake, you can make your experience in Japan more rich and rewarding.

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